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870V53 Advanced Shock-Mitigating Bolster

The STIDD 870V53 represents the most advanced shock-mitigating stand-up bolster system available. With a suspension system proven in Sea State 4 at 50+ knots aboard the MKV Special Operations Craft, the 870V53 provides superior comfort and safety in long duration, rough open water transits aboard high performance craft.

  • Proven STIDD/Taylor MkV Suspension enhances performance, safety and comfort of Maritime Special Operations personnel.
  • Folding Half-Seat provides comfort and support while loitering.
  • Optional MkV armrests, ballistic inserts and weapons mounts allow the 870V53 to be configured to mission requirements and operator gear changes.
  • Meets or exceeds USSOCOM, USMC and USCG Technical Specifications.

Finish: Hardcoat anodized (Color: Olive or charcoal.)
Upholstery: Hi-Tenacity Polyester (Color: “Black” with adjustable lumbar support.)

Download the catalog page for this seat (pdf).