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Shock-Mitigating and Military Seats

500V5 Shock-Mitigating Pedestal Seat

Tested and proven aboard the USCG 47MLB Open Bridge, the 500V5 represents the most cost-effective shock-mitigating solution for patrol craft and rescue craft.

Available in Slimline or Standard seat, including all 500 Series features and adjustments.

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800V53 Advanced Shock-Mitigating Seat

Proven in 6′ seas at 50 knots aboard the MkV Special Operations Craft, the 800V53 provides superior comfort and safety for long duration, open-water transits aboard high-performance craft.

The 800V53 offers a solution to repetitive orthopedic stress injuries resulting from violent slam loads.

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870V53 Advanced Shock-Mitigating Bolster

The STIDD 870V53 represents the most advanced shock-mitigating stand-up bolster system available.

With a suspension system proven in Sea State 4 at 50+ knots aboard the MKV Special Operations Craft, the 870V53 provides superior comfort and safety in long duration, rough open water transits.

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