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    About STIDD Systems, Inc.

    About STIDD Systems, Inc.

    Military Heritage – Proven Performance

    STIDD Systems proudly presents a complete line of ergonomic marine seating for the twenty-first century and beyond. Armed with the latest human factors databases, STIDD Systems has evolved as the industry benchmark for quality, comfort, strength and value with unique and innovative features made possible by advanced design, proprietary engineering, and state of the art manufacturing methods. At long last, there’s a STIDD seat for every pleasure boat, sport fish, trawler and super yacht… workboat, commercial vessel and military craft in the nautical world.

    Ergonomics In Action – The STIDD Advantage

    For individuals of all body types, STIDD Systems’ Ergonomic Marine Seating provides anatomically correct, comfortable positioning and passive restraint for the functional marine environment, while integrating strong, lightweight, corrosion-proof materials with east to operate, multifunctional adjustment features and dynamic appearance.

    Biomechanical research indicates that ergonomically correct positioning and stabilization (EPS) maximizes the alertness and performance of individuals in stressful settings. The revolutionary STIDD Systems Series 500, 800, and 1200 product lines are direct results of combining the latest EPS data with developments in Human Factors Engineering, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computerized Numerically Controlled (CNC) production methods with advanced materials and coatings.

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